Selling Your Aircraft

We offer knowledge of the market, skills in navigating the marketing and sales processes, and are committed to meeting your expectations.

  1. Initial Inspection

    The listing process will begin with us inspecting your aircraft, logbooks and maintenance records to ensure that we are able to represent it as accurately as possible. We will also have photos and videos professionally taken and create an accurate list of all aircraft equipment and avionics, in order to create marketing material that will attract a potential buyer.

  2. Market Positioning

    Through our avid research and knowledge of the current market, you will be given an honest projection of what your aircraft is worth, and be advised accordingly in order to get your aircraft sold for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

  3. Online & Media Marketing

    Your aircraft will be advertised on several outlets in order to reach thousands of professionals in our industry that will include pilots, dealers, brokers, and most importantly BUYERS. Your aircraft will also be listed on the Vertical Jet Sales Website and other proprietary channels and our advertising partners to include photos, video and full specification brochures that will be accessible to the interested party.